5 years ago I was burnt out! I had a long successful career managing several high tech recruiting firms but I was just done- it was rewarding financially but demanding and VERY stressful. I worked A LOT which meant I also missed out on a lot. My daughter was 14 and I was starting to stress out about how fast she was growing up! I decided it was time to go into consulting and found my dream job working as an internal recruiter for a huge marketing firm on a freelance basis which allowed me to work from home a few days a week. Well, freelance is not guaranteed and I lost perks like paid time off but the trade-off was well worth it to me.

At the exact same time I attended a wrap party an acquaintance on Facebook was having. I had seen crazy pictures on Instagram and was always curious so decided to go to the party. She put the idea in my head that I’d “be great at doing this business” too so I said what the heck and signed up on a whim.

I had never done direct sales in fact I didn’t think people actually made real money doing this. I figured you just got free product—and at the time I figured that would be cool. Since I just made this big life change in my career I thought it would be great to just do this business enough to get my products free. With my new job I didn’t want to be spending extra money so my rationale was maybe I could get free stuff and make a few hundred dollars a month to cover the “extras” and sock away a vacation fund. We had just come home from our first big family trip in a long time (in fact I was laying out on the beach when I saw my friend’s Facebook post about her business!) and wanted to be able to go away again soon without taking it from our family budget!


I remember coming home from the party and not telling my husband I signed up! I knew he would think it’s a scam (which he did!) and waited until the kit arrived. My wheels started turning and I kept thinking “what if”…. What it this actually WORKS…. What if THIS is a way out of the grind…. What if I could do this full time eventually? I decided to go for it. Jimmy thought I was nuts, I had a great job and volunteered a lot so my plate was already full. I just had a feeling about this though… and so I worked hard. I hit my first promotion in my 2nd month and then in my 4th month I double promoted to the company’s 3rd rank. By the end of that year I promoted to our leadership level of Diamond and earned one of the $10K GOOD bonuses!

Fast forward to June 2016 (2 years into my business) and I was able to cut my hours in my recruiting job to part-time because of this business! I love my career and am so grateful that I can do that part-time knowing that I’m still contributing just as much financially because of my It Works income. Most importantly I’m now able to be fully available for my daughter (now 18!)- home every single day! I don’t have to use vacation days to attend school events, or personal days if she’s sick. I can volunteer even more than before for causes that are important to me and not feel like I am stretched too thin. Jimmy is fully on board (did I mention he promoted to Diamond after attending his first conference in 2015 and catching the vision for himself?!) and we get to do this business together which has helped our marriage become even stronger! We haven’t hit the top ranks in the company (yet) but we are building strong and we know we will get there when the time is ours. We are so excited to see what the next 3 ½ years will do for our business and our life!

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