Join our loyal customer program!

The loyal customer program is an amazing way to get ANY of the It Works products at a fraction of the normal cost.

To become a loyal customer for life, you have TWO choices: 

  1. Pay a $50 membership fee & enjoy wholesale prices on everything forever, ordering as you choose.


  2. Agree to order at least 1 product per month for 3 consecutive months and your $50 membership fee will be automatically WAIVED…and, after your 3rd month, you have the option to disable your auto delivery and order as needed… and get the discount for LIFE!


YES!  There are tons of extra perks that we offer exclusively to our loyal customers, here are just a few:

  • Earn “Perk Points” with every single order– get 10% of your order back in Perk Points to use toward a shopping spree of your choice!

  • Each perk point equals $1… after 6 consecutive months of ordering, get 50 bonus perk points & 150 bonus points after 12 months of consecutive orders!

  • First to hear about new products as well as sales!

As you can see, there are tons of ways to earn free products as a loyal customer simply by making your normal orders!


Becoming a loyal customer is SO worth it when you consider all the perks & money you save on every purchase. As a loyal, you’re often saving 20-40% off the retail price of every product. To give you an idea on how much you can save, here’s what you can expect from some of our most popular products….

Retail Price vs. Loyal Customer Price

These are just a few examples of the MASSIVE savings you get as a loyal customer! As you browse through the other products, you’ll realize what an amazing deal it is to shop wholesale.