Product Spotlight - Greens

I can’t go a day without my Greens. Before I found these 2 years ago I had the most miserable belly. I was constantly bloated, crampy and gassy. The first time I tried these was at the first party I attended and I thought NO WAY am I drinking THAT!! Look at it, it’s GREEN!!!! Well I was pleasantly surprised by the taste!!

Taste: it’s very light and it doesn’t taste at all the way it looks. If you’ve tried similar looking products that taste like you are eating your back yard I promise this is so different!! It comes in Berry and Orange flavor. My preference is Berry but some people don’t like that’s is sweetened with Stevia.

How to drink: I mix mine first thing in the morning with water, others like to mix with juice. Because of the sugar I don’t drink juice and I like the taste as is. When I’m adventurous I’ll mix it in a ProFit smoothie😊. Typically I drink mine once a day but on days I’m active or get that 3:00 crash I’ll mix up another and it does the trick.

Benefits: my belly is so much healthier, it’s helped keep me regular and gives me a boost of natural energy!

Feel free to comment and tell us if you are Team Berry or Team Orange and how you prefer to drink your Greens!!